Sunday, August 31, 2014

Only in the South: Some fun from the the Mission Presidency at the Highland Home Branch

Highland Home:

Highland Home is one of the more remote branches within the Mission, located some forty miles below Montgomery in the southern end near the border with the Tallahassee Florida Mission.  It’s pretty much off the beaten track of the Interstate system throughout Alabama (no, not all directions to meeting houses include such phrases as “….. then turn onto the dirt road….”) 

One of President Hanks’ counselors, setting out to visit two Elders in Highland Home planned to not only meet with them, but also to have lunch with them at a place of their choice.  The following is the conversation, drawn from voice mails left between busy people:

Counselor’s voice mail:  Hello, Elders.  I should be getting there right about 11:30 or so.  How about suggesting a place for us to meet and eat lunch tomorrow in Highland Home?

Elders’ voice mail:  It don’t matter.

Counselor’s voice mail:  Elders, please.  Just pick a spot.  I’ve never been to Highland Home and don’t have any idea of what’s available.  Let me know.

Elders’ voice mail: Really, President.  It don’t matter.

Counselor’s voice mail (a little snappish):  Elders, it really does matter!  I really don’t want to drive for four hours just to find that I’ve got to look all over town for a place.  And besides, I’m starting to get a little concerned about your grammar – especially since we’re going to be talking about your future college classes.  Thanks.

Elders’ voice mail:  President.  Sorry for the confusion.  The name of the place is really “It Don’t Matter.”  And, besides, it’s the ONLY place to eat in Highland Home. 

Counselor’s voice mail (a little sheepish):  Do they serve humble pie at lunch? 

If this sounds a little extreme, take a look at the photo.