Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Tender Surprise at the Huntsville Zone Conference

On May 23, the missionaries of the Huntsville zone planned and executed a wonderful, and tender, and completely unexpected surprise for President and Sister Hanks. 

 Asked to sit in the front of the assembled Zones, President and Sister Hanks heard the familiar strains of “Because I have been given much.” 

 However, the words were considerably different from the ones in the Hymnal. The traditional third verse, attributed to the LDS Composer Kenneth Cope became the first verse of this tribute: 

 Because of Thy life’s mission Lord, I too will serve 
I’ll leave the comfort of my home to teach thy word! 
I’ll seek thy sheep who’ve gone astray 
And those who’ve never known the way 
I’ll make thy work my work, today

 The second verse, more custom designed to capture common phrases and words heard so often throughout the mission since last July, was written by Sisters Williams and Kay:

Disciples of the Lord is our eternal goal, 
Tenaciously we’ll serve Him ‘till our hearts are full, 
We thank you for the Trust you give 
Which teaches us the way to live, 
You exemplify a love like His! 

And the third verse, also focusing on concepts and words so ingrained now, was written by Sisters Beck, Stiles and Kudlicek: 

With you we feel we’ve walked on the Emmaus Road, 
 We’ve learned so much together yet we still can grow
We have our vision and our goals
We have our great determined souls
We will serve STEADFAST in Christ, Our Lord!


  1. Beautiful! Aren't they wonderful!!

  2. What a great song. I recognize the Word's from my son's letters home!