Friday, June 13, 2014

May 2014 Transfers!

One of the largest transfers in Mission History took place in May, involving 93 different companionships (none of those involving Senior Couples).  

Why so many? It started out easily enough: only seven new missionaries arrived. That shouldn’t have had much of an impact, eh? Well, was it because 15 missionaries honorably completed their missions and returned to homes ranging from California to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. Was that the combination that accounted for so much change during the transfer? 

 Lest we forget, it’s the influence of the Spirit that drives these changes as President Hanks ponders and deliberates for days over each and every missionary in his care, seeking both guidance and confirmation from the Heavens before making any assignments. And, just as many callings in The Church don’t always seem to “make sense” to our logical minds, the same applies to transfers that sometimes seem to be too short – or too long – in coming. 

 For convenience, we’ve broken the sections of photos from this transfer into the groups:

Those newly arrived missionaries coming directly from the MTC in Provo:

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Pictures taken both outside and inside prior to the transfer meeting:

Pictures of the new companions:

As the wonderful weather of late would have it, nearly torrential rains started about fifteen minutes before the end of the meeting. Rather than showing the inner beauty – or rugged handsomeness – that shines through each missionary no matter how soaked and bedraggled from carrying luggage from car to car, we’ve opted to comply with the deep entreaty of one Sister: “Oh, please, please don’t show me as the drowned rat of the Mission!” (Nonetheless, some of those pictures may be for sale at a later date in the unlikely event we need to do any serious fundraising.)

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