Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Missionaries learning…MANNERS???

Usually, the greatest majority of training is directly focused on the work of preaching the Gospel and inviting all to come unto Jesus Christ.  However, there were some indicators that some missionaries could use a reminder of table manners as well.  Sister Hanks, in her own inimitable way, took up the task: her responses included Group Questions and Rewards for Correct Answers (always in chocolate) and an imaginative foray into the world of interactive tableware.  Not only creative and instructive but genuine fun! 

See for yourself in all three training sessions in Bessemer, Birmingham and Huntsville. We should point out that in the Q&A, Sister Hanks is shown making throwing motions, as she seeks to reward those who provide answers with an after dinner mint.  It's pretty obvious that no one ever showed her how to throw (she throws like a girl, even badly for a girl); in some of the earliest pictures of her attempts, the mint rarely lands in the same zip code as intended, let alone in the hands of the intended recipient.  As she gets better - there is some evidence that she was sneaking in practice sessions at night - her accuracy and style seemed to improve. (If you compare Bessemer to Birmingham to Huntsville, we invite your scoring of her technique!  There may be prizes; maybe not.)

Interactive tableware may seem a new concept to some: selecting the right Elder or Sister to play the right role is key, as perhaps you can see for yourself.  Certainly memorable!

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