Thursday, December 25, 2014

Special song from the Missionary Christmas Devtionals, lyrics written by Sister Hanks

A special moment captured at each of the devotionals: Missionaries singing a song Sister Hanks wrote upon the birth of the Hanks' first child. 

May you all have a beautiful and Christ filled Christmas!

One Little Angel
(Liz Hanks, for Emily 1985)

One little angel, polishing the stars
Up in the heavens, working very hard
This little angel has a very special job
She will polish all the stars for God

All heaven waited for a special birth
Our Brother Jesus was coming here to earth
Each angel hoped to send a gift – it must be from the heart
Of this the little angel wished a part

All day she polished a great enormous star
Light from one of this size is sure to travel far
She held it over Bethlehem for all the world to see
This is where the new Christ child will be

Shining over Bethlehem for all the world to see

This, dear Jesus, is your gift from me
From the Birmingham meeting (Southern areas):
From the Huntsville meeting (Northern areas):

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