Friday, October 10, 2014

P-Day at Redstone Arsenal

Huntsville North Zone serves six units that more or less surround the Redstone Arsenal, home of the Marshall Space Flight Center (and Space Camp) as well as major US Army Commands and units.  Many members work on or are contracted to Federal agencies located there, and as such enjoy access to all its facilities.  Two weeks ago, just prior to transfers, one of those members provided a discounted pass good for up to 75 games at the Arsenal’s bowling alley. 

Seeing an opportunity to build unity and camaraderie within the newly reconstituted zone after Transfers, Zone Leaders arranged for all 25 missionaries to gain access to the Arsenal and to the bowling alley for two hours Monday afternoon.  Having the alleys almost to themselves for the first hour, it was pure fun; once the alleys began to fill, members from the area as well as intrigued random other bowlers stopped to visit and enjoy the energy that the missionaries brought. 

Anyone who happens to glance at the pictures of the scoreboards will soon realize that there was far more energy and excitement than bowling prowess.  But, in the end , keeping score isn’t something that we really do anyway!

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