Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sister Jones, the Mission Nurse, teaches missionaries about stress

In the middle of a day long zone conference, sometimes the message is lost on administrative and health issues.

Recognizing this, Sister Jones - the Mission Nurse - and her husband come up with entertaining and imaginative ways of getting their message across - with maybe a little gentle skewering of the people she depicts.  This video is the introduction to a presentation on dealing with the inevitable stress that many missionaries feel in their daily lives.  In this video, you can begin to understand the approaches that the mission leadership try to help alleviate it without contributing to it:

  • The Mission President who is always emphasizing the spreading of the Gospel among everyone encountered.
  • The Mission President's wife who is ALWAYS so upbeat and cheerleading!
  • The 1st Counsellor who also does a lot of the picture taking for the blog
  • The Mission Secretary whose continuously upbeat phone answering are on display.
  • The Car Czar who's always emphasizing the safety dimension,
  • The Financial Clerk, whose able to manage to get the right amount of money to the right missionary all the time.
  • The Housing Clerk, whose real emphasis is on getting and maintaining clean apartments. 
  • And, of course, the Mission Nurse Herself.

Hope you find it as enjoyable as the Elders and Sisters!

From Sister Jones on Stress 1

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