Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christmas! In February! With 3 Slideshows!

Yes Christmas is in December, and apologies that it has taken us so long to get the Christmas pictures up!  

We've had to organize, sort, and caption them all (several hundred!  Get excited parents!!!).  There were three different locations for Christmas celebrations in the AL Birmingham Mission: Birmingham, Bessemer, and Huntsville.  We've got great coverage of the Birmingham and Bessemer celebrations.  But there were some…um…technical difficulties with Huntsville.  So we only have a few from Huntsville.  

Sorry Sorry Sorry!! (I have word from the Mission Presidency that they will make this up with more coverage of the Tupelo and Huntsville Zone Conferences!)

So without further ado, I present the Christmas Picture Slideshows (click on "Read More" below):

Bessemer Christmas!

Birmingham Christmas!

Huntsville Christmas!  (Sorry again Huntsville area!!!)

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